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Commercial Property Valuation  

Commercial property valuation is an expert service based on an in-depth knowledge of taxation rules, property law, quantity surveying and a number of other specific factors. 

In addition to the condition of the building and its internal components, these include the potential for tax depreciation schedules which can generate significant annual tax rebates, the local amenities and the general condition of the surrounding area.

Local property valuers

Moreover, the property valuers will need to investigate any proposed development plans which would increase or decrease the investment property’s value in the future.

Therefore, engaging the services of a team of well-established property valuers with long-standing, and comprehensive, local knowledge is crucial to enhance the profit potential of current owners and possible investors.


Property valuation of single use family homes is a fairly straightforward process, based on the recent selling prices of similar homes in the immediate area.  However, commercial property valuation requires a much higher level of expertise. 

After all, if you are considering the purchase of an investment high rise, with a department store and restaurant on the ground level, a legal firm renting three storeys of office space and the other floors are occupied by rental apartments, you are unlikely to find a similarly configured commercial building nearby.

Investment potential

Officially certified, commercial property valuations require the combined expertise of an experienced local valuation expert, a registered Tax Agent and a fully qualified Quantity Surveyor.

Opteon provides the full range of commercial property valuation services, as well as independent professional advice on the profit potential of commercial properties. 

Opteon’s team of valuers and advisors are highly respected consultants to governmental departments, statutory authorities, major business corporations and investors.  Furthermore, we also provide extensive property advice to lawyers, accountants, financial planners and real estate agents. Call us on 1300 786 022 (customer care line for Victoria) for a personalised discussion.